gps: 52.53486, 13.581 / code: deuber0002

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location: berlin

architect: geskes.hack landschaftsarchitekten, kolb ripke architekten

completed: 2017

photo: 17/06/18


IMG_4438     IMG_4472


phaeno wolfsburg

the massive but very dynamically designed building was mainly made of concrete and steel. despite its 27,000 cubic meters of concrete, the exterior and interior of the building give a flowing and floating impression. the height of the building is 16 m and extends over a maximum length of 170 m. ten conical concrete pillars with a diameter of up to seven meters carry the building. the supporting pillars create a cave-like space for outdoor events. the cones are not massive, but hollow and offer various functions such as a science theater or a small restaurant. Inside the building the perspectives change with each step by oblique walls, a bent and uncovered steel support roof support, cursive viewing slots in massive exposed concrete walls and oblique niches.

gps: 52.42886, 10.79054 / code: deuwol0001

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location: wolfsburg

architect: zaha hadid

completed: 2005

photo: 17/04/05



staatsoperette dresden

the form of the new building is strictly cubic. the cubes made of brick and steel revive the tradition of paul wolf’s annexes from around 1928, but translate them into the present with completely different window openings and additional glass cubes.  a strong urban accent is set with the new stage tower which could have a special signal effect in the evening with a work-through light architecture according to early design studies which were not realized.

gps: 51.05265, 13.7225 / code: deudre0004

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location: dresden

architect: pfp-architekten

completed: 2016

photo: 17/01/21


img_6327     img_6332


vitra haus

as the vitra campus in weil am rhein did not comprize an appropiate space for the presentation of the new collection of chairs for home the company commissioned the basel-based architects herzog & de meuron to design the new showroom vitrahaus, in 2006.

similar to a small town made up of vertical layers the project with their striking appearance improved the set of existing landmark buildings. from now on due to ist location the building marks the entrance to the vitra campus.

gps: 47.602911, 7.617523 / code: japwei0001

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location: weil am rhein

architect: herzog & de meuron

completed: 2010

photo: 16/01/06


img_9229     img_9262

universität potsdam – institut für physik und astronomie in golm

since 1990 a new sience campus has been developed on a former military site close to potsdam. the institute building with its metallic facade design is a significant sign for the whole campus. perforated aluminum panels which a partially mobile (sunscreens) envelop the entire facade. the space program is subdivided into high installed laboratory areas, office,  lecture halls and seminar rooms.

 gps: 52.409473, 12.973372 / code: deupot0001

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location: potsdam-golm, germany

architect: blk2 böge lindner k2 architekten

completed: 2008

photo: 16/05/22


IMG_4259     IMG_4278

brandenburgische technische universität: ikmz

the information, communication and media center (icmc) is an agency of the university of technology of the city of cottbus brandenburg. it serves as a library, multimedia, data center and supports the internal data processing university. in the university library there are over 900,000 media units, over 22,000 electronic journals and 10,000 e-books. all together, the building comprizes one underground floor and seven above-ground floors.

gps: 51.76733, 14.32947 / code: deucot0001

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location: cottbus, germany

architect: herzog & de meuron

completed: 2004

photo: 16/05/08


IMG_3474     IMG_3462